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software development

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in the development of customized applications and systems of various kinds. It is our pleasure to create something that makes it easier for other people to live and work. Boxed solutions are not usable for everything, and your company can be more efficient with a tailor-made system. It is a matter of course for us to connect your existing solutions or commercial applications to new ones. We make solutions that make sense with a price/performance ratio.

We can cover the entire software development cycle: analysis, user interface design, architecture design and its scaling, project management, back-end, front-end development, automated testing and production support.

Our workflow process

Initial consultation

During the initial consultation, we will get acquainted with your needs. It is useful to introduce your company, its operation and what requirements you have for the solution.

Introduction of the solution

Based on the information obtained, we will prepare a solution with a financial budget and a preliminary delivery date. We will agree on specific technologies and surely will document everything.

Specification of requirements and approval

After the demonstration, it may happen that we did not capture all the needs, or you came up with other required functionalities. If necessary, we will divide the project into smaller units so that you can see the progress, start using or test the application before uploading.

Development - design, programming and testing

a. The most important is the basic architecture and database structure of the project, so that it is possible to continue at the same pace later when adding functionalities. This is where all our development begins. b. When programming, we use design patterns and best practices. This will make the code clear, and the new programmer will get into the project very quickly. Because we work with the latest versions of languages and frameworks, we work more efficiently. c. Testing takes place in two ways: by creating automated tests to avoid future bugs and manually from the user's point of view.

Presentation and submission

A functional application will be introduced to you by project manager and together we will see if the solution meets the individual business needs. If errors or missing functionality are found, the whole cycle is repeated.

SLA (Service level agreement)

The project does not end with our handover. We provide a guarantee of functionality for applications. We also understand that regular development is necessary if you want your business to grow. Based on your needs, we will set up regular cooperation, so you will have the application expanded with new functionalities every month.

What we can do

Internal applications

Internal applications

If you have specific company activities or workflows and you are getting lost in the agenda, then it is worth considering creating your own internal company application. Your employees will be more efficient, and you will get a better overview of what is happening in the company at any time.

Client portals

Client portals

Need more than a simple website? Do you want to enable your clients an extended way of communicating with you? Have a portal programmed that will serve the purpose of the website and your clients will have a private zone where they will find what they need without unnecessary communication with you.

Mobile applications

Mobile applications

Are you starting a new business, and should a mobile application be one of the main competitive advantages? Or do you want to bring more comfort to your customers? Thanks to the mobile application, unlike the responsive site, you can use the phone's native features such as geolocation, storage, camera, notifications and much more. We will create a native application for Android / iOS quickly and efficiently, thanks to the increasingly widespread Flutter framework in the Dart language.

Consultation and development audit

Consultation and development audit

Do you have an existing solution and want to have it checked independently of your current vendor? Are you planning a new project, and do you want to have project documentation, including the scope of work and possible obstacles to development or implementation? Do you want to streamline internal development? Our experts will help you evaluate the current situation and bring specific recommendations for problems.

Our favorite technologies / stack

Back-end for web applications
phpsymfonydoctrineapi platformphp unitcodeceptionnodeexpressprisma
Front-end for web applications
Mobile applications
Database technologies
Other technologies